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Fund The Movement For The Ancestors

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What's Your Money Going Towards?

BACC's Short Term Goals:

  • Hire a full-time organizer.
  • Develop a comprehensive lesson plan on Moses Cemetery & the River Road community for local schools.
  • Start work on a documentary tracing the history of Moses and our current struggle.
  • Grow our budget for printing and creating literature, protest materials, covering travel costs, etc.
  • Developing a "Youth for Moses" movement with the students in our High School Community Leaders program.
  • Weekly Outreach at Local Ben & Jerry's Locations.

BACC's Long Term Goals:

  • Secure the return of Moses Cemetery to the descendant community and begin work on a Museum and Site of Historic Memory. The museum will be used to educate our community on the history of River Road, be a space for community organizing, provide programming for youth to develop in critical thinking and the arts, and more.
  • See that those responsible for the desecration of Moses Cemetery are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.